Today i spent with playing super smash bros ultimate, trying to unlock some new characters, sadly they didnt wanna appear so the quest continues later on instead! Tomorrow another work week comes along, together with registration on the next semester opens. The next semester starts next week and i am currently also reading to prepare […]

Today started pretty good, i felt refreshed and ready to take on the world.. well maybe not that ready but i was feeling good when i woke up anyway. Groceries were bought and lunch was eaten and then i started formulating my weekly assignment text. When that was sent in i grabbed a book and […]

Yes today i spent online looking at pictures from our biology exam and trying to verify what different species they were… 5 hours spending at googling, checking books and googling some more. 2 hours trying to write up some kind of text for the exam and also checking the book for reference points. Tomorrow is […]

Yes i spent the majority of today reading and getting the book into my head for the exam this Friday! I also prepared all notes, questions and more to prepare me for the exam… I just need to survive this week and then from next week is the internship! So today wasnt more then me […]

Yepp i have spent today with reading this weeks litterature and playing around in Photoshop when i took breaks. This week is a total of 300 pages and i finished 200 today doing the last tomorrow. But it is a great subject, toddler communication strategies and ways for preschool teacher to see it. I feel […]