Tuesday the road of endless choices…

Its weird but all the titles for the posts I makes nowadays seems to just popup from nowhere and I cant explain where they come from or even what inspires them on. But one thing is for certain and thats they just popup when I sit down to write these posts everyday. But todays topic…… Continue reading Tuesday the road of endless choices…

Monday i dont know if im holding up..

So this might sound like a bad titel and i guess in someways it is but today it fits my general mental mood as i been working quite hard on my thesis today (5 hours straigh) and i have only filled maybe 1/5th of the actual total. Im working on the beginning and background, tomorrow…… Continue reading Monday i dont know if im holding up..

Tuesday sometimes the simplest things can move you.

I have had an emotional day, seems my waterworks just keeps going ham today.. First i listened to p!nks new song and that made my tears flow, i dont know what but somewhere deep in my core it touched me hard! Then just 20 minutes ago i came across this 10 minute animation about 2…… Continue reading Tuesday sometimes the simplest things can move you.

Saturday another day with music.

So yea there have been quite a few days of music these past few weeks. But i keep finding more and more music! And today i found even more! So i been listening to them! But i will add in videos of the songs tomorrow or Monday depending when i get around to do it!…… Continue reading Saturday another day with music.

Sunday let there be music..

So after this weekend i decided to just have a relaxed day where i listened to music and just focused on nothing else. So ima just share a few songs with you all today! Idila – Dernière Danse: https://youtu.be/K5KAc5CoCuk English cover (of Dernière Danse): https://youtu.be/3kPJUTeH1CM Stellar Perry & Delta Goodrem – Running up the hill:…… Continue reading Sunday let there be music..

Thursday thoughts

So today been intresting, finished an assignment for uni, went to work to leave of 2 books, did some chores and managed to find a song i probably listened to about 70+ times today as it really boosted my mood 100x over the past few days as i noticed i got more and more sad…… Continue reading Thursday thoughts