Today started at 8am, it was a great start of the morning i woke up and just felt abit tired but it was fine and i just felt like i was abit more energetic then i was. At 8:30am it was time for todays first lecture was about to start, so i fired up my […]

So first some work, then when i got home i started reading the book for this week, it is an intresting subject but francly we will see if things get clear next lecture wich is on Wednesday! I am abit excited for this semester but also abit hesitant cause of math.. wich isnt my strong […]

Today have been spent with some music and it has been great! Everyday i am surrounding myself with music primarily cause i dont want to have it to quiet around me cause i lose focus when its silent, not that i dont like when its quiet cause its quite awesome to just sit and be […]

First work week is done and now the weekend is here so i wont really be doing much cause the weather is bad and all the chores are done aswell. Music will be my company today and just enjoying a calm relaxing day with nothing happening is great from time to time! We are already […]

So i have been using today to just enjoy music and if i look back 15 years i didnt really thought much about music, like i didnt really listen to it and if i did it was only for temporary moments. But that all changed when i turned 16 and had to go by bus […]

Yes today was a day of tons of music since my hometown had some kind of music festival and it was pretty nice being able to sit at home and hear the music play. But when it got to much i just slipped my headphones on and the music was gone. (Loving my new headset) […]