Today i been sitting once again with the exam and just trying to get something down… the problem is nothing happends, no ideas nothing pops up and i sit hour upon hour now trying to finish this .. I am reading the exam details and i try come up with something but nope im drawing […]

Yes today i spent online looking at pictures from our biology exam and trying to verify what different species they were… 5 hours spending at googling, checking books and googling some more. 2 hours trying to write up some kind of text for the exam and also checking the book for reference points. Tomorrow is […]

Today it was here i woke up abit earlier cause i wanted to mentally prepare my brain for the exam.. 9am it started and nervously i walked into the room but i remembered what the teacher said slow down and breath and everything will go fine. I slowly worked my way through the exam and […]

So i have until Monday to finish my script, for the first exam. Then i also gotta work on my second exam wich is due date on Friday! Next week will be pure chaos in more sence then one. Now i just gotta focus on surviving next week, so that we can enter the week […]