Yes today was exam day and we were giving feedback at 9am and our presentation at 11am.. It all went fine and it was quite intressting to listen to some of the future ideas people have. And at break time i had bought a sandwich and a soft drink. I was eating and just trying […]

The big day is here! 4 hours on the clock to finish these questions! The arts and crafts section of the exam contained 8 questions. The theatrical section contained 5! I sat 3 hours writing and going through my head to try and remember everything. I left the exam hall with a bad feeling that […]

Today it was here i woke up abit earlier cause i wanted to mentally prepare my brain for the exam.. 9am it started and nervously i walked into the room but i remembered what the teacher said slow down and breath and everything will go fine. I slowly worked my way through the exam and […]

Today between 9:30 and 15:30 was exam! My groups time to do the exam was at 3-3:25pm. The exam went ok even tho i forgot the last few things i wanted to say, i blanked out but i ended it in the way i was gonna do anyway! Today have been a long day tho, […]

Yes the first exam was today, we started this morning at 8:30am. The nervs came and it was silly but i felt way to nervous for this exam then i had to be.. The exam went past really fast and we got some feedback wich we discussed abit and made the appropriate changes for next […]

Today started early, 5:45am waking up, and start and get ready for the day.. Car ride for 1.5 hours and then lecture… and then lunch and then we started first examination (in music). One of the easier exams so thats done! Tomorrow is another “early” day and 3 exams back to back.. 2 before lunch […]