Today i did my assignment for this week. Aswell as enjoyed a day in the sun and falling snow. I also decided on plans for this weekend! Ima try bake a new cake that i never tried before! But today i was drained of energy, i felt like i didnt sleep at all.. But i […]

Today is Wednesday and as always it is lecture day today. Todays lecture is about quality assurance im preschools and how we can make sure to keep a high quality establishment! Today went fast tho i kinda lost track the last 30 minutes cause my brain could not handle the amount of information and new […]

Today have taken quite a toll on me, i woke up and i could hardly move my arms. Probably been sleeping weirdly.. But this cold have made its way to my vocal cords so i am really hoarse.. probably will be for the next week or so. Tomorrow is lecture day and Thursday is retake […]

Today was lecture day. I was abit excited cause i recogniced the name of the person who was gonna be our lecturer.. But i didnt know from where… But i felt sick so i didnt really had the energy to walk fast to campus. The way to campus was abit cold today and took me […]

This week have really pushed alot, but it has contained both good and bad things. Today was fun tho, was outside alot. The sun was shining and even the birds were singing… Its freaking January not March/April!… After i got home i was dead tired and felt drained after this week. I also noticed that […]

The big day is here! 4 hours on the clock to finish these questions! The arts and crafts section of the exam contained 8 questions. The theatrical section contained 5! I sat 3 hours writing and going through my head to try and remember everything. I left the exam hall with a bad feeling that […]

Today started early, 5:45am waking up, and start and get ready for the day.. Car ride for 1.5 hours and then lecture… and then lunch and then we started first examination (in music). One of the easier exams so thats done! Tomorrow is another “early” day and 3 exams back to back.. 2 before lunch […]