So first some work, then when i got home i started reading the book for this week, it is an intresting subject but francly we will see if things get clear next lecture wich is on Wednesday! I am abit excited for this semester but also abit hesitant cause of math.. wich isnt my strong […]

I spent the majority of the day thinking and reflecting on my progression and life. Tho i been feeling weird these past days i have yet to come to a conclusion on what is causing me some distress. I keep thinking what i wanna do with my life, sure i have ideas and know i […]

The beginning of 2018, what a year it has been! I have traveled twice, been to both bikes and cars excibits, started studying, streaming alot, meet amazing new people, been going on a rollercoaster in my personal life (both physically and mentally). Been doing alot of selfevaluation, and getting abit closer to understanding who i […]