Sunday the final day of vacation for summer 2021!

The end of this vacation has come and well I feel okay with it. I dont know if im relaxed or destressed but yea its been a nice quiet vacation! I have enjoyed the calm days, no musts, no stress, no obligatory demands. I also picked up some nice new intrests along the way also…… Continue reading Sunday the final day of vacation for summer 2021!

Friday the breeze is really nice!

So another calm day! But with a tender breeze blowing, im spending today enjoying the breeze and just taking in the surroundings for now. Update on the screw.. its still gone and we have no idea where it is so thinking of solutions right now.. Hope you all are enjoying this summer! //Dan

Monday a perfect day!

Today i been working and the weather was just amazing! Sunshine, slight breeze, not blistering hot but just perfect! I just enjoyed the sunshine and everything during the day, Monday went by pretty fast and tomorrow is Tuesday wich means i have my closing shift. So now i will call it a day and tomorrow…… Continue reading Monday a perfect day!