Wednesday the first out of the hot days..

So yesterday in england they had 38 degrees at 10am, like i mean i know it was getting hot everywhere but that is abit to much even for my taste. I am abit chocked that it got that warm over there.. Hopefully we dont get fully as hot but we will see, the morning temperature was around 25 degrees and it climed but and culminated in around 32 degrees and that was abit to hot for my taste. Luckily we have an AC so just standing in the same room or infront of that for abit will be enough to cool myself down.

But yea not much to do since the weather is to hot to be outside in and not much energy to do alot with either..

Im just taking it easy and making sure im drinking enough water cause its to hot to focus on anything right now.

In the evening tho we went out in 28 degrees to go get some food in a local restaurant down the street so that was okay. I enjoyed testing some vegitarian variations so not gonna say i didnt enjoy it. Yes im eating more vegitarian food alternatives now cause alot of it is pretty nice if not nicer then the original so yea. New food adventures awaits on the horizon!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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