Tuesday the weather is getting abit more intense…

So today have been a really enjoyable day with decent temperatures, but it is all changing starting tomorrow and Thursday since the reports say its gonna be really hot around 32 degrees and thats kinda warm, hopefully we will be able to keep cool so thats all good, but we will see hopefully it will be okay. I normally do fine in really warm weather but the past year i have changed so im not able to enjoy the warm weather to much..

But yea we will see, today we are just chilling since its a really enjoyable day so im just gonna keep working abit on the Visual Novel im working on again, since i had to redo the first chapter anyway, and made up a new workflow thats all gonna be okay to work after.

Writing down all the script together with new indications to how i want the story to progress makes it alot better in my eyes atleast.

But yea lets see how hot it will be tomorrow and hopefully i wont melt away!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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