Today i spent with playing super smash bros ultimate, trying to unlock some new characters, sadly they didnt wanna appear so the quest continues later on instead! Tomorrow another work week comes along, together with registration on the next semester opens. The next semester starts next week and i am currently also reading to prepare […]

So another has started and i actually went through and watched warrior nun on netflix. Gotta say it is a good one. Then me and my friend played some more Mariokart trying to take gold trophy on all levels. So after a few races we watched 2 movies before playing some more! Slowly but surely […]

Today was another day spent watching movies and playing mariokart! This marks the ending of the vacation and since we cant really/want to travel somewhere we go ahead and go through the huge list of movies that we talked about instead! Todays mariokart session went better then yesterday but i still got my butt attacked […]

Today started pretty good, i felt refreshed and ready to take on the world.. well maybe not that ready but i was feeling good when i woke up anyway. Groceries were bought and lunch was eaten and then i started formulating my weekly assignment text. When that was sent in i grabbed a book and […]

Since Thursday the days have seemed to go in slow-motion. Not that i will be complaining cause it has been quite enjoyable. The weather have been all over the place, but i have been enjoying the comfort from my own home. These have been days i just enjoyed, calm no stress and time to just […]

I woke up, looked outside saw the blue sky and the sun shining on the trees over the village. I have an exam that is due in 8 days and 8 hours, i have almost everything to write it… except the 2 MOST important books wich i will get next week, most likely on Monday […]