So for the past few months i havent been enjoying playing a game i really love playing but the fun have been sucked out of it completely.. But today i decided to do something about it and made a choise and boom it was as the weight on my shoulders went away, it was such […]

So these past few days and weeks have been amazing for me, i have felt motivated, energetic, positive. Tho there have been times when i just wanted to stop and not do it, i have kept pushing on. So i have in between studies and all that i have been working on youtube videos, twitch […]

Yes and not you might be wondering about why this post is called “IS IT ALIVE AGAIN?!?!” Well i will explain the reasoning about this title! Today at 10am i got a pm on discord wich asked if i needed help with my old crappy broken computer. I said yes cause i dont know how […]

Today i have taking things slow! Yesterday i tweeted out and also asked on discord about i need feedback and suggestions on how to improve this website! I got someone who gave me good ideas and points of improvement so that was good! Now the problem was “how” would i be able to fix the […]

Yes todays blogpost will be about the fact that i am incredibly grateful for all the support (Likes, Follows, Clicks). I know my past few weeks have been kinda lowkey or francly fairly sad toned posts, but when i go on my website and i see a new notification, “xxx have liked your post, xxx […]