So yea today at work the weather was awesome and i felt like it was a really nice just enjoying the day overall. Since i have the closing shift i got to enjoy the sun the whole day wich is awesome! Was quite fun aswell cause i had a crow talking to me for 5 […]

So today i been having a fun time at work, been putting up decorations around the yard and even started working on other things, also had a meeting with my boss and that went great. But now ima call it a day and i will see what this weekend offers! //Dan

So today was intresting we have started a book project at work and today we got new books. So now we had to make new cards for each book bag. So 2 hours was spent working on it and it was fun and time flew. But my back was not happy with me when i […]

So today was intresting, since its easter break it was a calm day so i had the possibility to fix around the rooms. So alot of changes, fixes, cleaning later and it feels good! The day flew by and now its time for me to look forward to another day tomorrow! //Dan

Today flew by but it was so much fun tho! We had a studyday so we sat down and discussed everything we had currently going on, aswell as what we have been doing aswell as whats next! But most important i felt we took a step in the right direction and started working on things […]

So today i was working all day, but the last few minutes of the afternoon slowed down really really down in speed… I also start to understand what is causing my annoyment in my brain.. I dont tend to be annoyed at people asking me to do one or two things every once or twice […]

So yea today at work around lunch i got a really bad headache and i was thinking if it just was my bloodsugar that was acting up cause i didnt had eaten anything yet.. But that wasnt the case so it ended up with me having to go and buy painkillers and take one. The […]

So yea today was work again, and well i noticed im more tentative about work the past few days. I dont know why but i feel relaxed and really happy, more focused on the tasks ahead of me wich have been great fun! I feel really calm and the weather the past few days have […]

So yea today at work was really nice, i was at work and the sun was shining and it was really nice outside and i couldnt really wait to go outside cause the weather was really nice! We were outside and the sunshine was even warming abit so i could feel it is now spring […]