So yea today at work was really nice, i was at work and the sun was shining and it was really nice outside and i couldnt really wait to go outside cause the weather was really nice! We were outside and the sunshine was even warming abit so i could feel it is now spring […]

So yes for the first time in years i think, i gotten a feeling of proudness in myself about myself and its cause of this new sketching hobby, i always liked to draw but never been good or even giving myself time or even been taking space for myself to sit down and just tried […]

Today is Monday and that means a new week have started! Just a quick post today cause i am working on some stuff wich i will post about later! So i went back to work today and it was such a calm day, finished creating and cleaning most of the day. Cause its the last […]

So today is monday and it contained meetings for me and it taught me alot and how much i do love my work. I got home after the second meeting and i was drained so tired but it felt good. Tomorrow is a horrible day cause final exam in math… I am not looking forward […]

I dont know why but i couldnt wake up today at all.. no matter what i tried nothing worked and i feel completely drained in my body and soul. I am thankful for the fact that in 2 weeks roughly i will be going on vacation from work and can rest abit while working on […]

So today at work was so much fun seeing as we got some more snow and it kept staying at below 0 Celsius! Was great and lead to so much laughter and fun time! When i finished work and walked home it started raining abit so that was less great, but atleast the snow stayed […]

So today was intresting, snow is still on the ground but the weather is heating up again so now its a few degrees + Celsius wich means the snow is melting… Luckily now on the afternoon the temperature dropped so its now cold again and the snow will stay! Its already better then last year […]

Today was a really nice day, the sky was blue the sun was shining and a trip to the forest was on the menu. I got home after work and relaxed abit before i had to head back to work cause a meeting. Got home after the meeting and i thought i had ate something […]