So today its Friday again and im freezing from my core. I cant seem to warm myself up at all. I am freezing when im home, and im freezing at work. Even with thick socks and sweathers and pants im freezing like there is no heat in the world. I am hoping that this will […]

Today started pretty calming and it continued being better, i was pretty good energywise. The sunshine was shining the afternoon before i stopped working, it was even tho it had been -2 degrees celsius this morning and now it was pretty warm outside, it was a great fall day! I hope we get a few […]

Today is tuesday and that means once again closing shift as i stated the past few weeks every tuesday. But after i had closed it was time for the evening meeting so it was fine adn we had some intresting discussions before we ended and it was finally time to go home. Well before i […]

Today was closing shift as i do have every Tuesday. It was an intresting day cause something kept happening every 10 minutes or so, got home and relaxed abit emptied my brain before i prepared for the seminar i have this week! A good day and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring! //Dan

So today i started working at 7:30am and my exam was to open at 10am, so i got to work and it was so calm so i was thinking for a split second that i could work on the exam while there was nothing more that could be done… But i reminded myself that it […]

So today i had the closing shift again, like every Tuesday wich is fine! Before i went home i finished a few things and then when i got home i had dinner and then abit later it was time to call my classmates and finish the preparation for tomorrows exam. Today havent been any exciting […]

So today at work went nice and fast, tho there was a few moments where i honestly felt really stressed today but thats nothing we can do anything about, some things are just ment to be stressful.. After work it was time for exam prep, so after abit over 1 hour we decided on a […]

So today at work i decided that since we had an opportunity to fix things around the yard and more i decided to get some crayons and started sketching up things that have to do with traffic rules and it was so much fun, they wondered what i was doing so i gave them an […]