Yes so i was trying to get some sleep, but i woke up every hour anyway.. so at 4am i went up and i did plan on taking a nap during the day but that did not happend.. So now i am dead tired and i will be heading off to bed now after i […]

Today started at 3:30am to get prepared and get ready for a new day at uni filled with information! We started with biology and chemistry and then we had voice and communication before i had to go home due to some complications, nothing horrible problematic from my side but it was ok. The day went […]

Yes since i was up with stomach ache until 2am and i crashed asleep after that you can see att i call this a long day, i woke up at 6 again and from there my day continued.. I didnt really do much tho, i did groceries and walked abit while playing wizards unite! I […]

Today have been nice, cold but still nice. The sun have been shining and we even observed some weird huge birds wich we havent identified just yet! Tomorrow is Wednesday and i have a really long day infront of me. Got the evaluation discussion with my mentor and my teacher at uni tomorrow! Not sure […]