Today started ok at 8am with some breakfast and feeling good about the day, had a mail convo about the exam back and fourth abit just so we could finish it completely. It was after lunch it started going really slow, i felt kinda unmotivated and the time just felt like it slowed way down.. […]

Hm today started with me waking up at 9am and i felt refreshed and ready for a new day. But that lasted not to long… I checked my table clock and it had lost track of time and was stuck at 06:10, so fixed that and continued on with the day. Grocery shopping and lunch […]

Yea so today i woke up early stayed in bed and didnt do much.. Got up abit later and had some breakfast and watched some tv, before it was time to do some chores and then grocery shopping. Had lunch and then away to work we go for a few hours. Preparing notes for tomorrows […]

Yes since i was up with stomach ache until 2am and i crashed asleep after that you can see att i call this a long day, i woke up at 6 again and from there my day continued.. I didnt really do much tho, i did groceries and walked abit while playing wizards unite! I […]

Today i made all my grocery shopping aswell as spent over 1 hour at the hospital and made lunch before it was 12pm… Like i mean normally i dont finish lunch until 1pm or maybe even later… I kept looking at the clock and it seemed like it moved really really slow for some reason.. […]

Feeling abit better today, but my throat feels like sandpaper and i keep coughing.. Been taking it slow today aswell, been talking to some people atleast and even tho i coughed and coughed they didnt mind it that much.. tho i was told my coughs sound like a dog bark.. Tomorrow is Monday and i […]

So since yesterday with alot of sleep and a whole nights sleep ontop of that i felt better.. Today i been taking it slow aswell, coughing alot again, but its more like a dry cough wich is really annoying.. Tomorrow is Sunday and gonna take a slow day again and hopefully i will feel better […]