The big day is here! 4 hours on the clock to finish these questions! The arts and crafts section of the exam contained 8 questions. The theatrical section contained 5! I sat 3 hours writing and going through my head to try and remember everything. I left the exam hall with a bad feeling that […]

Yes this post should have gone up yesterday but i decided to push it one day since i spent the whole day printing papers. Reading books and reading notes for the big exam! I just hope something stuck with me, but we will see that during the exam i guess! REALLY short post but tomorrow […]

Yes lectures today in theatrical studies wich was great! Then in arts and crafts and that was not really needed sadly. It didnt give me anything good, wich im really sad about cause arts and crafts is a fun subject. At 12:07 lectures were done and i ran out to catch a train, said a […]

Yea so today i woke up early stayed in bed and didnt do much.. Got up abit later and had some breakfast and watched some tv, before it was time to do some chores and then grocery shopping. Had lunch and then away to work we go for a few hours. Preparing notes for tomorrows […]

Today was the last day at uni until December! It started with an arts and crafts lecture, then we had information about an upcoming examination and finally a informational meeting about the coming internship! I got home after 5pm and i was so tired so i did fall asleep in the car on the way […]

Today was the last day of the yearly weekend where alot of sellers and rides shows up in my hometown. Tho todays weather was bad, with rain. I personally didnt buy anything except for some candy wich i always buy every year. Next week is the start of the second subjects for this semester, its […]

Today i had lecture between 8:30 and 12:00, the first lecture was about biology and was intresting but felt abit rushed, cause he only had 1.5 hours to bring up alot of information. The second teacher had 45 minutes with the subject arts and crafts BUT francly this was a stressed teacher that litterly blasted […]