Wednesday seminar about Dance and Theatrical education!

Today was a intresting day, we got practical education on how to use Dance and Theatrical subjects in our line of work. Much improvisation but also alot of hands on tips and trix to think and reflect about. Half the week is already over, now 2 more days of this week is left and then…… Continue reading Wednesday seminar about Dance and Theatrical education!

2019 Year Recap!

Yes so today is the last day of 2019! It has been an emotional and exausting year in so many ways and i personally am glad its over and that i hopefully can enter 2020 with a new mindset that will be neccessary! So what has happend this year? Lets take a look shall we!…… Continue reading 2019 Year Recap!

Wednesday the last lecture of 2019!

Today was the last lecture of 2019 and they crammed in 3 different lectures, in theatrical, physics and chemistry. The theatrical and physics was pretty much repeat of what we learned from this past year, BUT the chemistry was for one of our exams! But tomorrow and Friday im working so that is great, and…… Continue reading Wednesday the last lecture of 2019!

Tuesday theatrical and update reguarding the game!

Yes todays adventure on uni contained theatrical and arts and crafts were we actually dived into a story, and made the story evolve abit further then what it normally tells us. It was great fun! But the biggest part of this post today will actually be about the game im in the process of developing!…… Continue reading Tuesday theatrical and update reguarding the game!

Thursday a day for studying!

Yes this post should have gone up yesterday but i decided to push it one day since i spent the whole day printing papers. Reading books and reading notes for the big exam! I just hope something stuck with me, but we will see that during the exam i guess! REALLY short post but tomorrow…… Continue reading Thursday a day for studying!

Wednesday Lecture and theatrical studies.

Yes there is 2 Days (with today) left until exam! Panic mode has been engaged and i sat a big part of this afternoon focusing on prepping my brain for this! Tomorrow ima go through the books and my notes aswell as look at old exams and try answer those questions and see where i…… Continue reading Wednesday Lecture and theatrical studies.

Thursday slow day with abit of work!

Yea so today i woke up early stayed in bed and didnt do much.. Got up abit later and had some breakfast and watched some tv, before it was time to do some chores and then grocery shopping. Had lunch and then away to work we go for a few hours. Preparing notes for tomorrows…… Continue reading Thursday slow day with abit of work!