So this past Monday i ordered all the books i had left to get for next semester, i been waiting for a confirmation email that they are being sent to me every single day since Monday evening. But today at 5pm i got the confirmation that they been packed and are awaiting to be sent. […]

So today started at 7am and then at 8:30 I was ready for the lecture. Todays lecture actually lead to some discussion about how we in the future position as a preschoolteacher should be working on how to handle harrassments and threats and tough things like that. Cause let us face it these things happend […]

Todays lecture was intresting cause it actually was about the quality assurance a teacher have to do together with the collegues all the year and all the time. There was discussions and information that all made this intresting and something to actually look forward doing. But tomorrow is retake exam, the last retake exam for […]

Today was probably the first day where i thought the summer has left us now.. Due to the fact that alot more trees are already dropping their leafs and it started raining more these past days. But i been studying today aswell reading about nature studies and how to apply the ideas and get children […]

Today was the first work day, and it was really fun getting back into the work mindset i have. Today was a really rainy day but i did enjoy the day anyway. The emotional State goes from happy, sad, angry and back to happy for everyone during a day. But today was fun and rewarding […]