Tuesday the summer is over!

Today was probably the first day where i thought the summer has left us now.. Due to the fact that alot more trees are already dropping their leafs and it started raining more these past days. But i been studying today aswell reading about nature studies and how to apply the ideas and get children…… Continue reading Tuesday the summer is over!

Tuesday math was the focus for today. Also some exciting news!

Today i been reading and reflecting over the book we have to read for this week.. quite intressting but in the same time it makes me question myself again. Sure this education is made so we should question ourselfs and the way we work or even speak to kids but this was something new.. I…… Continue reading Tuesday math was the focus for today. Also some exciting news!

Tuesday finished the report only 2 more to go!

Yea today been hectic on my side, since i have been forced to do alot of things around my home. Tomorrow is the first day back to meet my classmates for the 3rd and final part of this semester! We are entering the minor kids education subject literacy. It will be great cause this is…… Continue reading Tuesday finished the report only 2 more to go!

Sunday study and preparing for the days to come.

Today has been all about exam preperation and finishing as much as i have been able to. The math material i decided on is cows 5 to be exact and 5 different colors to correspond to the corresponding colors as houses. I also did some reflection on my own childhood as i read the books…… Continue reading Sunday study and preparing for the days to come.

Wednesday such an annoying lecture day..

Yes so why did i choose this as todays topic? Well cause it is true for one.. Today i started the first of two lectures at 08:30am and it was supposed to be about younger kids communication and keep on going for 1 hour 30 minutes.. Well it took 45 minutes before we even got…… Continue reading Wednesday such an annoying lecture day..

Tuesday, studies and more studies!

Today i have played abit of Maplestory, but also spent a couple of hours studying. Todays subjects have been focused around younger kids age 1-3 and how they communicate, socialize and interact with words, images and eachother. The second subject have been about math, and how i can see and view what is math, and…… Continue reading Tuesday, studies and more studies!

Monday work and study.

Today as mentioned yesterday have been about work and study. The subject, childrens ways of communication is really intressting, tomorrow im diving into small kids mathmatics and that will also be intressting to see what i will get out of this! So tomorrow all day is going to be about study! Thursday and Friday will…… Continue reading Monday work and study.