Today was probably the first day where i thought the summer has left us now.. Due to the fact that alot more trees are already dropping their leafs and it started raining more these past days. But i been studying today aswell reading about nature studies and how to apply the ideas and get children […]

So today at my internship i got to learn about quite a few new things! Today flew past and i got to learn new ways on how to work with kids. I also learned how much fun it can be to build sandcakes! I also saw the first ladybug for this year today, the spring […]

Today i have played abit of Maplestory, but also spent a couple of hours studying. Todays subjects have been focused around younger kids age 1-3 and how they communicate, socialize and interact with words, images and eachother. The second subject have been about math, and how i can see and view what is math, and […]

Today as mentioned yesterday have been about work and study. The subject, childrens ways of communication is really intressting, tomorrow im diving into small kids mathmatics and that will also be intressting to see what i will get out of this! So tomorrow all day is going to be about study! Thursday and Friday will […]