In the dark corner in the back of my head there is always a thought, a person or something that either whispers, walks around, or sits there silently watching. I saw a video today that contained a few lines of text that made me think of this dark corner i think everyone have sometime in […]

So i am watching twitter a few times on a daily basis and since yesterday i noticed an uprise in more trash talking and reputation bashing then i seen before.. It is like alot of people are using their platform to defame/attack other people. It feels like people instead of talking about it in a […]

Today was probably the first day where i thought the summer has left us now.. Due to the fact that alot more trees are already dropping their leafs and it started raining more these past days. But i been studying today aswell reading about nature studies and how to apply the ideas and get children […]

Yes today was an intensly hot day.. above 20 degrees again… I did some chores today aswell as some laundry since the weather was perfect to let it hang outside to dry. And now we stepped into August wich means its less then one month left before uni starts again and a whole year of […]

Today my back have been really hard on me.. It hurts when i walk, when i sit and even when i lie down at certain positions.. Yea it is a pain in the behind! But yea i did listen to a song today that really reflect my own current emotions so i will leave it […]