So as i said a few blogposts ago, i am gonna talk about the fact i am meditating and how it have helped me to some degree. So about 2 weeks ago i started meditating i have tried different guided meditation. Like let go of the day and relax, stabilize your emotions, chakra clensing, boost […]

So today is the last day of this week, and it has been filled with exams, meeting up with friends, and headache throughout the whole week. It might have something to do with stress…cause this week have been really pilling up on that for me. Exams due work with things to do that i wanna […]

So today i been working on the exam that is due in 10 days! It is a digital exam wich i been struggling with for the past few weeks now… But today it started coming together! We have a 20 minute timer to go deeper into 4 points. I have finished writing about 3 of […]

Yea today i woke up at 4am, crashed asleep again at 6am and the clock was gonna wake me up at 6:30am… Yea great start, well this was only the beginning of my “bad” day… We got to uni and first exam was Dance fundamentals, wich was a really fun examination well not really an […]

So today was monday and my exam has to be handed in, i made some changes and mailed it to my friend. I then as mentioned yesterday a meeting with my friend, tho i felt like crap and had no energy i sat down on the train. Train took 30 minutes and then there is […]

Today i finished my exam partly anyway! And got the things i need to finish the second part of the exam. Today i even managed to do abit of streaming wich was nice and i realise just how much i actually enjoy the things i do. I also realised how big this website project is […]