Friday the emotional rollercoaster of stress..

So if you ever felt like you been severly stressed during several days and it doesnt matter what you do to calm down and bring your stresslevels down. Well that has been my week from monday to friday. It started monday and i was subcounsioulsy stressed with everything that happend at work then i went out for a meeting aswell that didnt really help me land.. Then tuesday we went out after work wich was fun cause i played pool and that was ages since i played and i really like playing it for fun.

Wednesday was another day where i felt more stressed again it just doesnt help me calm down when i get home, well now i got home and then i had to go to a lecture so that didnt give me proper time to relax before i had to be on the move again..

Yesterday was okay but since closing shift i didnt really have time to relax at all and couldnt fall asleep properly until like 00:30 when i finally fell asleep or somewhere around that time. Today i had 2 meetings but they were good meetings and yea it was needed. It put alot of things in perspective so im very happy about these meetings and the fact that now it is weekend!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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