Thursday a long day and naps..

Yes today i had the closing shift at work wich is fine cause its pretty chill at the end of the day. But i have felt abit ill the beginning of the mornings but it goes away quite fast as soon as i properly wake up..

BUt yea after i got home i sat down on the sofa and started some youtube video on the tv cause i didnt feel like doing anything else. I also made some food checked the video and felt really sleepy so i decided to lay down on the sofa cause it was much more comfortable and i fell asleep it seems and when i opened my eyes the video had been going for 1 hour… ops… and it happend again and then it was another 20 minutes so yea i decided it was time to get up and do something else cause it wasto early to go to sleep..

So i was up until 9:30 and now im lieing in bed and its around 11:30 and i havent fallen asleep yet… But ima try sleep again now lets see how much sleep i get..


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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