Its weird but today I am sitting with my thesis but my heart isnt in there, its like its not even close anymore. It feels weird to say that but I am not even close to feel fullfilled or even thrilled that uni is almost over and it feels like I dont wanna take pride […]

So yea ever since my episode yesterday i was feeling off, its normal cause all emotions and energy was ejected in those moments so yea no energy left but. Not being my normal energetic self came with a price as i go abit low and mellow for a few days after this happends. But i […]

Yes today is easter but i am not in high spirits im kinda low and feeling abit under the weather but i am unsure if its allergies or a cold that is coming. Not even my allergy pills really am working or they are and im just low on energy in general due to being […]

So yea today have been quite hard on me, like not mentally but physically i feel drained, exausted, and i just cant boost my energy. I am unsure if its allergies or not but i am completely drained and i felt abit worse during the day but not like i give up and call it […]

So yea i am not completely energetic but im not lethargic as of yet but no energy and just so tired.. But still i had to get up and go out to do a covid-19 test cause i developed another symptom so yea just to be safe. It doesnt take long the test but the […]

So yea i kinda had no energy at all today like, i have been drained completely and just been forced in lieing in bed.. All times for a selftest was taken today when i checked so i booked one for tomorrow so yea. Hopefully that will be fine! Tomorrow i gotta finish my last exam […]

Yea not much really happend today seeing as i got home around 4am and fell asleep around 4:30am. But it was a good sleep but just abit to short! I fell asleep during the day again and didnt really wake up at all today. So all in all today have been good but yea i […]

Just gonna say this post will be really short as i litterly only slept 2.5 hours cause reasons and then worked 8 hours with only 2.5 hours of sleep is not optimal. But now ima sleep and look forward to tomorrow! //Dan

So yea today contained a very nice lecture and i feel like i learned quite alot even tho i was zoneing out at points cause i just couldnt focus.. But yea todays lecture taught us about new methods that we are gonna use for the final exam and i am pretty much clear on what […]