Just gonna say this post will be really short as i litterly only slept 2.5 hours cause reasons and then worked 8 hours with only 2.5 hours of sleep is not optimal. But now ima sleep and look forward to tomorrow! //Dan

So yea today contained a very nice lecture and i feel like i learned quite alot even tho i was zoneing out at points cause i just couldnt focus.. But yea todays lecture taught us about new methods that we are gonna use for the final exam and i am pretty much clear on what […]

Yea i dont really know what to call todays post… Nor do i really know what i will be sharing.. Somedays are just like this and i feel today have been both pushing me well away from myself aswell as pushing my limits towards my education.. So yea i will focus on the second part […]

So yea today ima just empty my thoughts and see what comes out really cause today i dont feel like talking about my internship or the cold that is here atm. Today was a good day but in all honesty every single day for the past few weeks have been great! But today after my […]

So yea im tired today again! But it might have something to do with the fact i woke up in the night with an arm cramp… But yea todays temperature is -18 degrees… So good.. or not. But it seems everyone is tired today so i wonder, this weekend just drained all energy it seems. […]

So i slept like a log, like a proper stone couldnt wake up even if i wanted to log.. But yea i woke up at 10:30am i normally dont wake up that late cause body wakes up early but maybe i needed it today. Its fairly cold outside today again with -14 degrees and it […]

So yea another short post but i just need to vent abit! Well i fell asleep at 01:30am cause i wasnt tired… then i got woken up at 04:30am (yay) cause i had to help with something that in my opinion could wait until later! Fell asleep again and woke up at 8:30am well yea […]

So vacation is over and its back to work, i feel abit more relaxed and its been well needed but 2.5 weeks have gone by so fast… Today we sat in meetings all day so that was fun! Now the day is over and im exausted doesnt feel like im rested at all no idea […]