So today started really early when i post this i been up for almost 22 hours.. Woke up before 5am shaking and cold sweat. I had a minor panic attack because i had a really bad dream that had me terrified. But around 12pm me and my friend tried taking the last gold statue for […]

So i did work abit today and i didnt really feel like waking up, it was the first day i really ever felt like not waking up at all. But up i went and prepared for work. After work i was in a discord call with a few friends and i really craved popcorn but […]

So after yesterdays celebration and potentially abit to much fun i could not get out of bed.. I was drained and lacked any real energy.. The day was spent with youtube and facebook posts before helping out with a puzzle before going home. It feels like now is this celebrating done and i can just […]

Yes so i was trying to get some sleep, but i woke up every hour anyway.. so at 4am i went up and i did plan on taking a nap during the day but that did not happend.. So now i am dead tired and i will be heading off to bed now after i […]

Today i really sleept like a horse! I dont regret sleeping this long or this hard it was amazing! But i also felt completely dead the rest of the day tho.. But when you sleept that good then it is ok to be tired… I was also able to show the game progress i done […]

Today have been one of those types of day where i really didnt feel like doing anything really.. The town was grey and the rain hit the roof and the windows all day (still is as i am writing this). When there are these days i really feel drained and tired, so i thought about […]

Today i woke up at 6am.. tried go back to sleep and couldnt.. This was the start of today.. The rest of the day went by pretty fine, and i could enjoy the warm weather abit before my allergies forced me to go back in.. Yes gotta love this season… luckily the weather are cooling […]