Today i woke up at 4am and then went back to sleep again for a few more hours cause lecture werent starting until 9am so i slept until 8:10am so i could have a calm breakfast and prepare abit before the lecture. The issue is that during lecture i zoned out completely and only managed […]

Today is tuesday and that means once again closing shift as i stated the past few weeks every tuesday. But after i had closed it was time for the evening meeting so it was fine adn we had some intresting discussions before we ended and it was finally time to go home. Well before i […]

Monday once again and it was time for work again and with work meant our day when we go to the woods and explore and learn more about the trees, animals and more that live and make the woods their home. After work was done i was walking home and when i got home i […]

Today was an intresting day, i went up and started at 8am. Then i started preparing for work and then i went to work and went through the day quickly, i got home and then i started working on this weeks assignment slowly with checking todays seminar and then i felt like it went good. […]

So today is the last day of this week, and it has been filled with exams, meeting up with friends, and headache throughout the whole week. It might have something to do with stress…cause this week have been really pilling up on that for me. Exams due work with things to do that i wanna […]

So today was a good day, tho my energy was not on the high end at all, so after work i went to do some minor shopping but i felt so low on energy i just wanted to go home and sleep… The rest of the day was spent half asleep cause i had no […]