Today i noticed myself looking out more and more, the trees are turning more and more green. Sure it looks great but since im allergic i cant really enjoy it to the same extend as other people. But i started thinking about how this summer might turn out. Like will this Corona business keep going […]

Yes so let me start this blog by explaining the title, normally it wouldnt need an explanation but today i feel like providing one (why am i even writing this..) The green horror is SPRING when everything turns from nothing to leafs everywhere and the world changes all around us for the next few months! […]

Today was like a perfect spring day, the sun was shining on a perfect blue cloudless sky. A minor breeze and the temperature above 14 degrees in the sun! I been outside in the sun all day, but thanks to that my feet, legs and back were killing me when i got home again.. Tomorrow […]

Yesterday my lawn was green.. Today when i woke up and looked outside the green was gone… Everything was white! Sadly the spring went away or took a break, cause the winter come back..and the whole day it has been snowing and snowing and snowing… This was all i wanted to share today! //Dan