Yes today is easter but i am not in high spirits im kinda low and feeling abit under the weather but i am unsure if its allergies or a cold that is coming. Not even my allergy pills really am working or they are and im just low on energy in general due to being […]

So today even with a bad voice and a hurting throat i managed to get through a 10 minute presentation without losing my voice.. But yea tomorrow ima go do a test and see if this is just allergies/common flu or covid… But yea i decided to take the rest of the week of and […]

Today was the start of a new week, and the weather in the morning was warm and sunshine with a few clouds on the sky and horizon! The further into the day we came the more clouds came in and the wind was picking up! I actually was feeling like it was cold in my […]

So as stated last week my old allergy medication isnt made anymore so i had to switch and today was the day i tried it! This medicin taste like mint and thats great i LOVE mint! I was worried it wouldnt have any effect, but luckily it seems to have worked all day! So this […]

Today have not been a good day at all… I have had one of those days where i am constantly annoyed by things.. Tho i believe it is also part of my allergies that are coming around, since it has been cold the pollen level has been on the low side.. But the past few […]

Today have really been good to me, weather wise, yes sunshine and good weather speeds up the pollen but i quite enjoy this awesome weather! Tho if this continue i think my body will shutdown when the big explosion happends.. but we will see i am from tomorrow gonna keep a close eye on the […]

Today i woke up at 6am.. tried go back to sleep and couldnt.. This was the start of today.. The rest of the day went by pretty fine, and i could enjoy the warm weather abit before my allergies forced me to go back in.. Yes gotta love this season… luckily the weather are cooling […]

Yes so let me start this blog by explaining the title, normally it wouldnt need an explanation but today i feel like providing one (why am i even writing this..) The green horror is SPRING when everything turns from nothing to leafs everywhere and the world changes all around us for the next few months! […]