Tuesday feeling drained but learning about ants!

So today have been a weird day.. When i woke up this morning i really felt like i just closed my eyes and opened them again, like i had not even slept at all.. So yea it took me 20 minutes to even atempt to get out of bed it was that bad…

But yea the day moved slowly but time moved like zoom zoom.. So i was just following along today didnt really feel like i had any energy for much today, the amount of pollen i inhaled also made me feel lowkey like my head was stuck in a cottoncloud..

But yea today we continued the project at work and today we were talking about ants and everything ant related!
Its fun working on projects cause we never know where we gonna go in a project since we really follow the intrest of the kids and so on. It can lead anywhere if im gonna be honest, but its fun cause there are alot of more discoveries to be made and i cant wait to see where we gonna go from here!

Tomorrow is already wednesday like the weeks just rush on by its crazy! Also today i got my new cloths i ordered last friday and im so happy with the purchase, they fit nicely and gonna be awesome to have them when it gets alot warmer outside!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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