Today have not been a good day at all… I have had one of those days where i am constantly annoyed by things.. Tho i believe it is also part of my allergies that are coming around, since it has been cold the pollen level has been on the low side.. But the past few […]

Today i noticed myself looking out more and more, the trees are turning more and more green. Sure it looks great but since im allergic i cant really enjoy it to the same extend as other people. But i started thinking about how this summer might turn out. Like will this Corona business keep going […]

Today have really been good to me, weather wise, yes sunshine and good weather speeds up the pollen but i quite enjoy this awesome weather! Tho if this continue i think my body will shutdown when the big explosion happends.. but we will see i am from tomorrow gonna keep a close eye on the […]

Today i woke up at 6am.. tried go back to sleep and couldnt.. This was the start of today.. The rest of the day went by pretty fine, and i could enjoy the warm weather abit before my allergies forced me to go back in.. Yes gotta love this season… luckily the weather are cooling […]

Yes so let me start this blog by explaining the title, normally it wouldnt need an explanation but today i feel like providing one (why am i even writing this..) The green horror is SPRING when everything turns from nothing to leafs everywhere and the world changes all around us for the next few months! […]

Yea today i thought lets not take an allergy pill since im only going outside for a quick thing… well i should have taken the pill cause i think EVERYONE in my town was cutting their lawn like no joke, wherever i watched i saw someone with their lawnmover.. I am allergic to grass pollen […]

Today have been weird. Like i woke up had to take an allergy pill and lie down for 2 minutes again cause my head was spinning. I went out to do groceries and got home had to sit cause i was hungry (i even had a big breakfast)… After lunch i didnt do much watched […]

Yepp it is that time of the year once again.. when everything in the outside world changes colors.. black cars turns yellow, white cars turns yellow.. trees get their leafs and everything comes alive… UNLESS your allergic against pollen! I use currently meds to help me cope with the amount of pollen but it doesnt […]