Sunday the green horror is coming again!

Yes so let me start this blog by explaining the title, normally it wouldnt need an explanation but today i feel like providing one (why am i even writing this..)

The green horror is SPRING when everything turns from nothing to leafs everywhere and the world changes all around us for the next few months!

This season is the worst for me, cause i am one of the many people who suffers from allergies of various kinds.. I personally suffers from tree- and grass-pollen. Wich means my throat swell, my nose is like a fauset and sometimes i feel like scratching my eyes out during this time of the year..

So i am one person who dislikes this season cause of the allergies, and tho i eat pills and everything it just makes life easier but still it is my least favorite season!

But a positive thing in all this is that summer is coming and with summer comes time to relax and time to just enjoy the calm around! Sun, nice breezes and shade under trees are the best!

But yes now lets look forward to next week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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