Yes so let me start this blog by explaining the title, normally it wouldnt need an explanation but today i feel like providing one (why am i even writing this..) The green horror is SPRING when everything turns from nothing to leafs everywhere and the world changes all around us for the next few months! […]

So todays title is fairly easy to explain… I have been sneezing since i woke up, its like i have a feather in my nose that tickles me nonstop! Its fairly annoying, hopefully it will stop soon 🤔 Other then sneezing i have just enjoyed this Friday, abit sunny, gentle clouds on the sky and […]

Yes since yesterday i have had a nasty allergy (runny nose, sneezes and snivels..) lucky for me is that i have 2 pills of my allergy medicine left BUT i cant get new ones until Monday.. So this means for Saturday and Sunday i wont be able to go outside without getting serious allergic reactions […]