Friday and let the sneezing begin!

So todays title is fairly easy to explain… I have been sneezing since i woke up, its like i have a feather in my nose that tickles me nonstop! Its fairly annoying, hopefully it will stop soon 🤔

Other then sneezing i have just enjoyed this Friday, abit sunny, gentle clouds on the sky and roughly 23 degrees outside! Now as i watch the sun set, the sky turning orange there are more dark clouds forming. There might be rain coming, but thats fine since all of Sweden pretty much has fire warning written all over it… A few years back there was the biggest forest fire in modern time. If my memory doesnt fail me it took almost 1.5 months to get it completely under control… It was horrible but now we can hope we wont see another one of those!

Anyway hope your Friday been good!