Thursday lets talk about games!

Today i have spent majority with playing a few games, namely:

1. The witcher 3 Wild Hunt. 2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

To start of with the witcher, i have found a new love for this game, even tho i never got really far in it when i started it now keeps pulling me in with new ways to play it. Since it is a RPG it is to be expected that i am free to go whatever way i want to. Maybe i wanna focus on alchemy oh look tons of herbs lieing around! Maybe i wanna hunt savage monsters that prowl the lands, yepp im free to do that aswell!

Helping people in need, my favorite quest in the beginning is still a really short one, an old woman has lost her Pan and you gotta help her get it back, she is suspecting there is a dead guy in a house with her pan so she sends you in trying to find it. Nothing happends except you find a dead person who has been brutuly murdered, but the Pan is there and all you have to do is give the old woman it back and your done.

The game world is big and there is new things to discover everytime you start a new game. Even tho the same quests are always the same, but you can explore the world in different ways!


Now onto Zelda Breath of the Wild is just such a beautiful game estetics wise, i love the character models, the various areas and how it just in a seemless blink of an eye goes from hot to snowy.

Breath of the Wild have you play as link once again, but you have lost your memories and the mission is to find out what really has happend the past 100 years, all we get told in the beginning is that calamity ganon happend and the land became corrupt and now you as link gotta stop ganon ONCE AND FOR ALL!

The world in Breath of the Wild is vast and have both beauty and terror in the form of monsters, skeletons, machines, stones, gigants, bats, lizards and more.

So do you really need to do the quests? Not really you can play the game you want it to, you wanna collect 100000000 mushrooms? you CAN, you wanna hunt wild boars in the forests? Go for it! You wanna tame 500 horses?! You can do that aswell! Or maybe you wanna climb all the mountains? Well thats an option aswell!

Your free to explore the world in anyway you want, i personally love going to the snowclad mountains and shield surf down the icy slopes!

Hope you if you try these games find your way of exploring them!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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