So for the past few months i havent been enjoying playing a game i really love playing but the fun have been sucked out of it completely.. But today i decided to do something about it and made a choise and boom it was as the weight on my shoulders went away, it was such […]

So today i was abit all over the place, couldnt really focus to long due to the start of the day.. But managed to go through this weeks lecture material atleast, and check some more thing.. for tomorrow wich is gonna be a discussion seminar. I also got back into creativity and made some sketches […]

So today i updated the website to be abit easier for me to handle and update on a regular basis, as i am a fulltime student and i work quite alot aswell i need to try switch focus on this one aswell. This was my train of thought when i been debating how to update […]

I thought the snow would have melted away already BUT nope it still is here! Today i did have a long work week tho and it was good and all! I learned something new today and that is how fun it is to make an improvised gym mobility course. It is a course where you […]

Today have been a good day! Since starting with the idea of making my own rpg game, it has gone abit slow but today it jumped! Today i contacted someone on Twitter about doing a comission for a banner and a avatar, it was no problem so i gave the information on what i wanted […]

Today it was back to Uni, the day started at 8am going in a car for 2.5 hours to reach my uni. The day contained biology, chemistry and programming and digital education in the form of “Bluebot” its a small robot with 7 buttons on the back: Arrow forward, Arrow right, Arrow left, arrow down, […]

Today was halfway through the internship, it is kinda crazy that its only abit less then 2 weeks left of the last internship for 1 year.. For this internship i have 10 keypoints i need to fullfill in order to pass. So together with my mentor i reflected on the activities i done so far, […]

Today and tomorrow are two days with things happening where people sell stuff, there are rides to go on and you meet people you dont meet more then these days on a year! It rained cats and dogs this morning so i was not gonna go out at all, but then the rain stopped and […]

Yes today was the last day at uni for this time! Next week awaits exam and some intense reading preperation! The teachers all said that this semester will be extremely tough but also fun, aslong as we dont get beaten by all the extreme amount of assignments! It will be a intense semester but ima […]