So today was intresting we have started a book project at work and today we got new books. So now we had to make new cards for each book bag. So 2 hours was spent working on it and it was fun and time flew. But my back was not happy with me when i […]

So today was intresting, since its easter break it was a calm day so i had the possibility to fix around the rooms. So alot of changes, fixes, cleaning later and it feels good! The day flew by and now its time for me to look forward to another day tomorrow! //Dan

So yea today was work again, and well i noticed im more tentative about work the past few days. I dont know why but i feel relaxed and really happy, more focused on the tasks ahead of me wich have been great fun! I feel really calm and the weather the past few days have […]

So today have been really fun! Sun is shining and its not to cold outside so that feels great! I also am deciding on progression as a streamer so i am currently working on that aswell, still thinking if i should get a webcam or not but i probably will, cause i need to try […]

So yea this will be a short day and just wanna say it snowed today! Not that wet kind of snow but the fluffy one that is so much fun to throw up in the air to create snow clouds! I had a blast in the snow today lets see what tomorrow brings! Hope you […]

So in the midst of internship, retake exam and thinking about the final exam. I have decided i am gonna start a project thats very dear to me on an emotional level and thats why i am currently writing it down and sharing it with a selected few! The project will be revealed later when […]

Yea i know the past weeks blogposts have been all about how cold it has been but its crazy and this is staying strong! The sun is out but there is a cold breeze so staying outside for more then 30 minutes is not easy to do… But the third week of internship has skipped […]

So today was less cold it was only -12 but no clouds and sunshine and a small breeze but that breeze was enough to freeze myself outside in.. Even with thick cloths and Good boots it was cold and freezing.. and this cold is staying for the rest of this week atleast! But yes the […]

So yea today is extremely cold -19 degrees again! With these temperatures we cant really be outside cause it is harmful in the long run! But yea it also is Windy and snow is falling so it is quite nice looking out at the snow falling! And when we cant be outside alot that means […]

So today started with -14 degrees and quickly went down to -11 But yea still cold! I cant believe that 2 weeks have almost already passed by! Well i will be enjoying these 3 final weeks as it goes nicely and its fun! But now i finished the first part of my theme work, and […]