So todays blogpost is about Friday and its going up on Saturday night sorry! Today was the final day of the week and i had internship and got to hangup the art we created and it felt so good! The amount of pride and happiness in their eyes were amazing and it made me so […]

So today again we made some more art in the theme of ice and snow! Its great fun seeing the creative art they make! I got them a big bucket of snow to start with and well today i had to get a second one! The inspiration hit and they kept going and creating for […]

Today was a good day, i got to learn new things and also i learned that there are some fun things you can entertain with in a snowy landscape! Outside its now snowing just abit, and its full activity all around the area. After a while i sit down in the snow on my knees […]

Yea so today… well today have been… what i wanna say is… NOPE i have no idea for todays post cause today nothing happend… well something did happend and it was intresting. So i havent been streaming for the past 6 months, cause well uni and life got in the way. But today i just […]

So today is monday and it contained meetings for me and it taught me alot and how much i do love my work. I got home after the second meeting and i was drained so tired but it felt good. Tomorrow is a horrible day cause final exam in math… I am not looking forward […]

So today at work was so much fun seeing as we got some more snow and it kept staying at below 0 Celsius! Was great and lead to so much laughter and fun time! When i finished work and walked home it started raining abit so that was less great, but atleast the snow stayed […]

Today it started! The big animation exam that we get to spend 2 day to prepare and work on before sending it in next week! This exam is really fun and the discussion and ideas are great, and the best thing is when you have an idea and everything falls into place. Tomorrow is the […]

Today was closing shift as i do have every Tuesday. It was an intresting day cause something kept happening every 10 minutes or so, got home and relaxed abit emptied my brain before i prepared for the seminar i have this week! A good day and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring! //Dan

So for the past few months i havent been enjoying playing a game i really love playing but the fun have been sucked out of it completely.. But today i decided to do something about it and made a choise and boom it was as the weight on my shoulders went away, it was such […]