Today after a few weeks and even months i met up with my friends, and we hanged out chatted, played some games. Just having a good time together. I am not back home after a full day of hanging with my friends, so tomorrow will probably not inclued much except maybe some grocery shopping and […]

This night was not the best, kept waking up several times. But my stomach was hurting i probably i ate to much yesterday evening. The rest of the day was kept infront of youtube and a movie before i went home. Had a great weekend and tomorrow is a day at Uni! //Dan

Today i woke up didnt have breakfast cause i kinda sleept longer then i should so it was almost time for lunch… Ops… So i made my chores, getting groceries and preparing lunch before getting ready to head on out to my friend. Before i left to go to my friend i sent in my […]

Yes today i been doing nothing, this Saturday was great fun playing boardgames until 2am and then sleep until 10am. But not having energy so stayed in bed until 11. Went up and had some brunch since it was to late for breakfast but abit to early for lunch, so it was brunch. Watched 2 […]

Today i been hanging out with my friends, playing cards, videogames and socialize about big and small questions. There was some rain and thunder aswell but we still just relaxed and enjoyed chilling and talking. Now im back home after a full day, tomorrow is my last vacation day for the next 4 weeks. But […]

Yes today was the midsommar celebration in all of Sweden, a day where people go out socializing and having fun with friends and family! I spent the afternoon and evening/early/late night with my friends talking, playing games and just having fun. We were outside playing a game BUT it started to rain so that fell […]