So today i spent all day finishing recording, fixing, changing, recording and so on and when i finally was done with the Powerpoint… well then i noticed i needed to change the power point into a mp4 file so instead of spending 2 hours using the converter buildin power point i recorded my screen with […]

So today i been working on the exam that is due in 10 days! It is a digital exam wich i been struggling with for the past few weeks now… But today it started coming together! We have a 20 minute timer to go deeper into 4 points. I have finished writing about 3 of […]

Yesterdays great day left me crippled.. My legs are like logs and im stiff as a board so i have problem walking today.. Walking is okey, but bending down to pick up things are a challenge in more ways then one today.. luckily the weekend is here now so i can live with that! This […]

So today this afternoon my classmates were talking and one mentioned we had already gotten the exam back, that was due yesterday… sure the teachers dont have so much to do now with the virus and all, but did not expect the grade this fast.. Anyway it was a passing grade so now i have […]

So today have been a unenergetic day once again. I have tried pushing myself to do things to get some motivation today but francly nothing worked so i pretty much wasted today.. I do plan that tomorrow try and see what i can come up with for the digital exam.. Just so i can start […]

Today i noticed myself looking out more and more, the trees are turning more and more green. Sure it looks great but since im allergic i cant really enjoy it to the same extend as other people. But i started thinking about how this summer might turn out. Like will this Corona business keep going […]

This blogpost was delayed due to me being abit busy yesterday! Today was gonna be good i felt when i woke up. I stayed a few minutes extra in bed but it was nice, the birds were singing and the sun was shining from a half gray sky. After breakfast i went out for groceries […]

Today i woke up at 8am cause the phone downstairs were ringing.. I looked outside and the sun was shining abit, but clouds were waiting at the horizon! I went down had a small breakfast and then we went out for groceries. But as soon as i stepped outside it started raining… It is good […]

Today i got my last written exam back, wich i sent in the 8th of May! I was so nervous when i clicked into the exam to check the grade and it was a passing grade! So releaved and happy now there is one more exam that should come back next week! But i also […]