Friday preparing for saturday!

So yes today work just flew by it feels like, it was such a calm day and people tend to stress to much about stupid things, yes i know cause i do the same! But it all works out in the end just relax! So yes today at work we were supposed to be low…… Continue reading Friday preparing for saturday!

Friday i am way to tired today.

I dont know why but i couldnt wake up today at all.. no matter what i tried nothing worked and i feel completely drained in my body and soul. I am thankful for the fact that in 2 weeks roughly i will be going on vacation from work and can rest abit while working on…… Continue reading Friday i am way to tired today.

Tuesday exam #1..

So today i spent all day finishing recording, fixing, changing, recording and so on and when i finally was done with the Powerpoint… well then i noticed i needed to change the power point into a mp4 file so instead of spending 2 hours using the converter buildin power point i recorded my screen with…… Continue reading Tuesday exam #1..

Tuesday so close to summer makes me so unmotivated…

This is getting to the point where i am annoyed with myself and that leads me to being unable to focus. I have 2 exams left! 2 and they are due in 2 weeks.. I try sit down and work on them but nothing happening.. Today i sat almost 2 hours staring at my empty…… Continue reading Tuesday so close to summer makes me so unmotivated…