Monday so tired..

Just gonna say this post will be really short as i litterly only slept 2.5 hours cause reasons and then worked 8 hours with only 2.5 hours of sleep is not optimal. But now ima sleep and look forward to tomorrow! //Dan

Friday i am way to tired today.

I dont know why but i couldnt wake up today at all.. no matter what i tried nothing worked and i feel completely drained in my body and soul. I am thankful for the fact that in 2 weeks roughly i will be going on vacation from work and can rest abit while working on…… Continue reading Friday i am way to tired today.

Saturday i spent the day sleeping..

So after yesterdays celebration and potentially abit to much fun i could not get out of bed.. I was drained and lacked any real energy.. The day was spent with youtube and facebook posts before helping out with a puzzle before going home. It feels like now is this celebrating done and i can just…… Continue reading Saturday i spent the day sleeping..