Wednesday stress work on thesis.

I have been working on my thesis all day today, i got some feedback and it was good feedback so i knew what points i could work on. I worked on the thesis until it was 23:30 and then i decided to send it in for plaguarism check and also signed up for my final…… Continue reading Wednesday stress work on thesis.

Thursday a question to my future self.

Yea if i knew what the future held or even what i should be doing outside of my already forced tasks.. I do wonder if life would be easier? I dont really feel at peace currently but thats cause there is so much things going on that i cant even comprehend whats going on currently!…… Continue reading Thursday a question to my future self.

Lecture that was intresting

So yea today contained a very nice lecture and i feel like i learned quite alot even tho i was zoneing out at points cause i just couldnt focus.. But yea todays lecture taught us about new methods that we are gonna use for the final exam and i am pretty much clear on what…… Continue reading Lecture that was intresting

Wednesday retake exam is on the menu!

So yea i slept until 8:30am and then mentally prepared and had breakfast before starting my computer and loaded the retake exam assignment at 9am. There it started 6 subjects 2-5 questions each and each subject worth 5 points! Passing grade is 18 points.. Now lets go i sat down and started focusing on the…… Continue reading Wednesday retake exam is on the menu!

Friday i am way to tired today.

I dont know why but i couldnt wake up today at all.. no matter what i tried nothing worked and i feel completely drained in my body and soul. I am thankful for the fact that in 2 weeks roughly i will be going on vacation from work and can rest abit while working on…… Continue reading Friday i am way to tired today.

Tuesday another week another opportunity

So today have been intresting, i been productive! Busy but productive! So after lunch i checked my phone and i saw i had a notification from my uni app. Always intresting to see what it was all about! I open and i see its about my exam, and always when i open these my head…… Continue reading Tuesday another week another opportunity