Wednesday so close to the end!

Yea its coming closer and closer and in 8 weeks my uni life is over! Hopefully with a degree under my helt and my head held high! I am by no means not proud of what i have accomplished these 3.5 years, all exams i passed, all new people i met, teachers that been supportive,…… Continue reading Wednesday so close to the end!

Thursday a question to my future self.

Yea if i knew what the future held or even what i should be doing outside of my already forced tasks.. I do wonder if life would be easier? I dont really feel at peace currently but thats cause there is so much things going on that i cant even comprehend whats going on currently!…… Continue reading Thursday a question to my future self.

Monday back to work!

So vacation is over and its back to work, i feel abit more relaxed and its been well needed but 2.5 weeks have gone by so fast… Today we sat in meetings all day so that was fun! Now the day is over and im exausted doesnt feel like im rested at all no idea…… Continue reading Monday back to work!

Saturday christmas is coming

So tomorrow marks the start of the countdown towards christmas. The first candle is lighted. Today i have been putting up some decorations not everything but tomorrow everything is going up. Next week is another week and i believe i have an exam due sometime that week. Slowly but surely we are getting closer to…… Continue reading Saturday christmas is coming

Sunday games and headache in combination.

So today is the last day of this week, and it has been filled with exams, meeting up with friends, and headache throughout the whole week. It might have something to do with stress…cause this week have been really pilling up on that for me. Exams due work with things to do that i wanna…… Continue reading Sunday games and headache in combination.

Sunday looking at the sky.

Today have been one of those days when i look at the sky and think, what type of weird weather we have in this time of the year. We still have above 10+ degrees celsius and that when i was younger was not the case at all. We are closing in on October wich is…… Continue reading Sunday looking at the sky.

Wednesday a lecture with intresting facts.

So today started at 7am and then at 8:30 I was ready for the lecture. Todays lecture actually lead to some discussion about how we in the future position as a preschoolteacher should be working on how to handle harrassments and threats and tough things like that. Cause let us face it these things happend…… Continue reading Wednesday a lecture with intresting facts.