Yes so today is the last day of 2019! It has been an emotional and exausting year in so many ways and i personally am glad its over and that i hopefully can enter 2020 with a new mindset that will be neccessary! So what has happend this year? Lets take a look shall we! […]

Yes today starting at 8:30am until 3pm me and my classmates were doing exam preps. Reflections, theater, more reflections and then when i got home around 4pm, i took something to eat and had a nap. Tomorrow is lecture day and then the next coming days will go to prepare for next weeks big exam… […]

Yes today i spent with a book about how dolls have influenced education, both (pre)school and childrens tv shows throughout the ages. I will admit im not the fastest reader and i found the book quite intresting, but after spending the day with the book and breaks in between. I am happy to have read […]

Today was the last day at uni until December! It started with an arts and crafts lecture, then we had information about an upcoming examination and finally a informational meeting about the coming internship! I got home after 5pm and i was so tired so i did fall asleep in the car on the way […]

Yes today was bad weather BUT the lecture opened my eyes for the fact that this second section of this semester will be an intense one… They opened up 1 new exam for us and well this exam is a 6 minute long discussion powerpoint. These 6 minutes are for showing us doing the activity […]

Today was the last day of the yearly weekend where alot of sellers and rides shows up in my hometown. Tho todays weather was bad, with rain. I personally didnt buy anything except for some candy wich i always buy every year. Next week is the start of the second subjects for this semester, its […]

Yes today was the last day at uni for this time! Next week awaits exam and some intense reading preperation! The teachers all said that this semester will be extremely tough but also fun, aslong as we dont get beaten by all the extreme amount of assignments! It will be a intense semester but ima […]