Tuesday retake exam inprogress…

So today i finally sat down, looking at my past exam, checking my books, drafting something up in my head about a childrens book about a dragon.. While reading the book i had a rock in my stomach, not a real one but a metaphorical one and it hurt, as i kept on reading my…… Continue reading Tuesday retake exam inprogress…

Thursday work and such a great weather!

Today started pretty calming and it continued being better, i was pretty good energywise. The sunshine was shining the afternoon before i stopped working, it was even tho it had been -2 degrees celsius this morning and now it was pretty warm outside, it was a great fall day! I hope we get a few…… Continue reading Thursday work and such a great weather!

Tuesday work, i need to remember to breath.

So today is Tuesday and that means once again that i have the closing shift at work, wich is good and actually pretty fun! I can manage closing atleast once a week. The schedule i have is such a nice one currently that makes it easy for me to actually balance both work and studies…… Continue reading Tuesday work, i need to remember to breath.

Thursday a long day

Today started at 7:30am and continued until 5:44pm but valueble thoughts and insight, so tomorrow im ready to kick some but! Next week the first exam is due, the week after the final 2 are to be done aswell! Things are going so fast it is crazy! On Monday starts the 4th week of Uni…… Continue reading Thursday a long day