Tuesday retake exam inprogress…

So today i finally sat down, looking at my past exam, checking my books, drafting something up in my head about a childrens book about a dragon..

While reading the book i had a rock in my stomach, not a real one but a metaphorical one and it hurt, as i kept on reading my heart sank like a rocket and i just felt how the heck am i to write about this…

Then i realised i just need to depict the book for what it really is, and so it started..

8 hours in and i had it semi done so i had my friend read it and all i really wanted to know was if:

1. Was it easy to read and understand aswell as follow in the resoning.

2. Was everything thats required for a passing grade in it according to the reader.

I got an message back saying it looks great, so that was it i checked it quickly and did some last minute editing and sent it in for evaluation, wich will be back sometime in mid/end of January.

I just hope i pass it cause francly i done my best and cant do much more.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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