Monday lets talk about meditation.

So as i said a few blogposts ago, i am gonna talk about the fact i am meditating and how it have helped me to some degree.

So about 2 weeks ago i started meditating i have tried different guided meditation. Like let go of the day and relax, stabilize your emotions, chakra clensing, boost your self. Just to name a few and it has helped to some degree, but i am a very very emotional person to the point that it runs my life and can cause me to revert into a shell of myself.

So why did i start meditating now? Well the fact is simple i am stressed to the point where i am loosing myself and my way forward in life. But i dont just stress over work and studies, no i have alot more in the back of my head that now just became to much for me to handle. I was so close to give up on everything around me just 3 weeks ago and meditation is helping to keep it under wraps. But being as emotional unstable as i am sometimes i lose my way and find a new path to follow. But i am back on the path again and its only abit over 5 months left before i hopefully graduate and can relax with my degree in hand.

But if your intressted in hearing more about what guided meditation videos i use post them in the comments or tweet me: Danwolfmoon on Twitter and i will do that in a future post!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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