So yea i slept until 8:30am and then mentally prepared and had breakfast before starting my computer and loaded the retake exam assignment at 9am. There it started 6 subjects 2-5 questions each and each subject worth 5 points! Passing grade is 18 points.. Now lets go i sat down and started focusing on the […]

So yea the internship is going good! Its already the second week and almost its over time flies like crazy! But even tho my life is doing good atm im still reading the news and gets feedback constantly so i have problem filtering everything out… Well today i learned that tigers and lions can be […]

So today i got my retake exam i sent in 29th of December! Due date on the 30th of December, like i mean 6 days later and its back already thats some fast results! Wich i like not gonna lie! So what was this retake? Well it was the book reflection exam that i didnt […]

So today i finally sat down, looking at my past exam, checking my books, drafting something up in my head about a childrens book about a dragon.. While reading the book i had a rock in my stomach, not a real one but a metaphorical one and it hurt, as i kept on reading my […]

So today started early cause i had to go to campus to do my retake exam in physics! It started 8am and it contained 9 questions, i didnt really feel that confident about the exam before it started. But it seems i did remember quite a few things from last semesters physics lectures, cause i […]

Today is the day when storm that causing problems in europe is hitting Sweden.. I dont think it will that bad at my place but i heard about other countries getting roofs broken, windows shattered, walls pulled off.. I hope that if you are affected by the storm that you will be safe! Currently my […]

So today was an extremely early day.. woke up at 5am! I mean sure all is good but pls 5am is way to early… Well been going back and fourth to the store 3 times today cause they had a sale on potatoes! So many many potatoes… Also at around 3:30pm this afternoon i saw […]

Today have been spent working on the last exam that is due in roughly 24 hours from when this post goes up! This exam was a tougher one since instead of 1800 words minimum they put it on 2250 words minimum… But i finished on 2257 words and tomorrow i just gotta polish the text […]

Yes today has not been on my side at all, i had enough energy to get out of bed and eat a small breakfast… Write abit on the retake im sending in tomorrow and do a stream… but my head, throat, stomach, ears are not with me atm… I am suspecting something is coming but […]