Tuesday conflicting feelings and brain in shambles..

Today been an intressting day to det the least..

I got an email at 9:30am saying that i need to do another day on my internship before i get my grade, i then from 10am until 10:40am was in a call with the students councler about my studies and the problem that has occured lately. I then called my mentor who told me that next Monday would be great so im doing my last internship day on Monday!

But during the talk with the councler she lifted some important notes that i feel very happy about. She asked me a few questions and i answered aswell as asking some questions i myself needed to get answered. Now i know atleast what i can and cant do depending on how i feel about everything!

It is now 5 weeks left of this semester, 3 assignments left and then its done! I just want this semester to be over cause im in need of a vacation and a chance to shut down my brain.

I will see what i will do this fall all depends on the results i get from the retake exams.

I also reached 200 followers on my twitch today and it feels amazing!

Hope your Tuesday good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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