Yes so today is the last day of 2019! It has been an emotional and exausting year in so many ways and i personally am glad its over and that i hopefully can enter 2020 with a new mindset that will be neccessary! So what has happend this year? Lets take a look shall we! […]

Todays lecture was about technical education and biology (bioms). It was intresting to learn about these things, BUT i was so tired and low on energy cause i felt sick… So after i was done at campus i went home, had lunch and kinda fell asleep and been sleeping off and on for the past […]

Today started at 3:30am to get prepared and get ready for a new day at uni filled with information! We started with biology and chemistry and then we had voice and communication before i had to go home due to some complications, nothing horrible problematic from my side but it was ok. The day went […]

Yes today was bad weather BUT the lecture opened my eyes for the fact that this second section of this semester will be an intense one… They opened up 1 new exam for us and well this exam is a 6 minute long discussion powerpoint. These 6 minutes are for showing us doing the activity […]

Today was probably the first day where i thought the summer has left us now.. Due to the fact that alot more trees are already dropping their leafs and it started raining more these past days. But i been studying today aswell reading about nature studies and how to apply the ideas and get children […]

Today was another beautiful day filled with scorching sun and hardly any clouds.. But there was some gusts of wind that made it somewhat survivable atleast. Tomorrow its time for work again, i do only work 3 days left week and i feel that we are saying farewell to July of 2019 this coming week. […]