Wednesday such a good day!

Today started at 8am, it was a great start of the morning i woke up and just felt abit tired but it was fine and i just felt like i was abit more energetic then i was.

At 8:30am it was time for todays first lecture was about to start, so i fired up my ipad and joined the lecture. It was about music so i took some sidenotes and then that kept on for 45 minutes before we had a 15 minute break before i went onto the next subject for the day, now it was time to listen to a lecture in theatrical studies again for 45 minutes before another break occured.

Next up after the break was a 45 minute lecture in arts and crafts, but this today was a lecture about movie making and planning so that was very intressting cause i know we have an exam coming up in a few months that will be about animation, in perticular making an animation and probably a short video so it was pretty much to prepare ourselfs for what is coming.

Then it was time again for a 45 minute lecture in Dance and it was intresting cause it showed us how we can add in dance into our general lectures with kids to train example coordination aswell as how to teach the different words for various bodyparts in a fun and educational way!

But now when that was over we had lunch and just before lunch i got a call saying i could come and collect my new laptop from the store! That was the best news i heard today so bbefore i had lunch i went out to pick it up, so i could prepare the laptop for the final lecture for today, wich was a Q and A about the assignment for tomorrow.

Tomorrow i am unsure if i will be able to join so i had to ask the teachers reguarding if there would be some assignments to do incase i missed it, and the answer i got since this isnt an examinating part there wouldnt be any extra assignment except for the miss in a fun day!

But we will see tomorrow i cant really say now if i will be able to join or not, so we will see tomorrow!

But i gotta say that this laptop im really happy with it! It runs so smooth and i keep making sure i wont add to much stuff onto it so it will stay fresh and good!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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