Thursday feeling abit under the weather…

So i was feeling abit low on energy today, tho today i was just lacking energy but i am unsure if it is my allergies or if there is something else starting up, seeing as i didnt have any allergy pills at home yesterday so i bought new pills yesterday and took it today i hope it was functioning today, but i am unsure if it did work cause i felt abit low on energy all day, aswell as i was freezing so luckily i had an extra thick sweather with me so i was atleast staying warm for the day!

I also wasnt really studying today tho, but i will be spending tomorrow evening + saturday and sunday with reading this weeks litterature so i can finish and keep up with this weeks assignments, i am focusing on trying to keep on track with the current weekly assignments, but i also have some other assignment i need to do so maybe and hopefully it will all be good when i go over the the checklist i set for myself on a weekly basis now.

But it is crazy that i already been studying for 2 weeks now that means there is only 38 weeks left of uni! It is crazy but i am excited to see how and what is coming up, i also did get a message today but i wont go deeper into what that message entitled until next week when it is done and over!

But now i will call it a day and look forward what tomorrow will bring!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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