I am exausted.. like i am properly tired and low on energy, but luckily this is the final day of work before weekend! The day had great weather but i was freezing… wich wasnt that good… But it feels good to know that next week uni starts again and i am currently on track for […]

Today was a good day, the sun was shining BUT the allthough the sun was shining it was blowing cold winds! When the wind wasnt blowing it was quite enjoyable outside! And now that it is saying the spring is coming aswell! So that means more allergy… yay? The rest of the evening was spent┬átaking […]

Today was a cold day, we had almost -8 degrees! That is the coldest we have had in quite some time… I had to go out to do abit of shopping and other small errands… I seriously wish i could just have stayed in bed cause it was way to cold! But in the afternoon […]

Yes today have been so freaking cold that i could hardly warm up even when i sat under blankets and next to a heater… I dont mind winter but since we have no snow on the ground the cold have a tendency to keep creeping onto me… Today have been a calm but cold day […]

It feels abit weird that it has been 2 weeks of January soon, but i am happy that this has gone pretty ok so far. Tho this year really will probably be one of the years that will lead to some hard decisions. But today have been a good day, tho my nose have been […]

Yes today marked the day for the start of the last 3 days at internship for this semester and the next internship is next spring. So almost 2.5 semesters away… But i also know that when i reach that semester is the last stretch,cause it will be the last semester until i graduate from uni. […]

So this past first week of November has been cold, max temperature outside was +2 and as coldest -4 degrees celsius.. Sure it is supposed to be “cold” but this is horrible! Luckily i have warm cloths and they keep me warm throughout the day! The sun have been trying to shine through the gray […]