So here i am again, its sunday the 14th of March. Snow on the ground and +7 degrees celsius outside its a nice weather. But im feeling stressed and worried… not like worried about life but worried about exams and my thesis coming up.. I feel abit cold as my body rejects warmth for some […]

So todays post will be short cause today i woke up with a slight headache but it went away so probably just been hitting my head during sleep. At internship i was freezing it was so cold so idk why but it was cold, and i get these days when i freeze more then others […]

Yea i know the past weeks blogposts have been all about how cold it has been but its crazy and this is staying strong! The sun is out but there is a cold breeze so staying outside for more then 30 minutes is not easy to do… But the third week of internship has skipped […]

So today was less cold it was only -12 but no clouds and sunshine and a small breeze but that breeze was enough to freeze myself outside in.. Even with thick cloths and Good boots it was cold and freezing.. and this cold is staying for the rest of this week atleast! But yes the […]

So yea today is extremely cold -19 degrees again! With these temperatures we cant really be outside cause it is harmful in the long run! But yea it also is Windy and snow is falling so it is quite nice looking out at the snow falling! And when we cant be outside alot that means […]

So yea im tired today again! But it might have something to do with the fact i woke up in the night with an arm cramp… But yea todays temperature is -18 degrees… So good.. or not. But it seems everyone is tired today so i wonder, this weekend just drained all energy it seems. […]

So today its Friday again and im freezing from my core. I cant seem to warm myself up at all. I am freezing when im home, and im freezing at work. Even with thick socks and sweathers and pants im freezing like there is no heat in the world. I am hoping that this will […]

I am exausted.. like i am properly tired and low on energy, but luckily this is the final day of work before weekend! The day had great weather but i was freezing… wich wasnt that good… But it feels good to know that next week uni starts again and i am currently on track for […]