Yes today marked the day for the start of the last 3 days at internship for this semester and the next internship is next spring. So almost 2.5 semesters away… But i also know that when i reach that semester is the last stretch,cause it will be the last semester until i graduate from uni. […]

I know its the fall season and all but it should not be this cold now as it is! I woke up to 0.6 degrees and i was freezing from inside out litterly! I went up sat next to the heater and still was freezing my feet and hands of, it was so freaking cold! […]

So today i went out at 6:45am to make my way to the trainstation, the temperature outside was -14.5 degrees celsius… So it was cold! After i reach my destination, i get picked up by my classmate and off we go. We drive around abit in the city to warm the car up, by now […]