Today i woke up freezing, it was really cold outside.. (Where is my sun and warm weather?…) Groceries was needed to do and lunch i had to ingest before going out for the remaining of the day. The sky was grey and the wind abit cold and something was hanging in the air. Wich was […]

Today was a cold day, we had almost -8 degrees! That is the coldest we have had in quite some time… I had to go out to do abit of shopping and other small errands… I seriously wish i could just have stayed in bed cause it was way to cold! But in the afternoon […]

Yes today have been so freaking cold that i could hardly warm up even when i sat under blankets and next to a heater… I dont mind winter but since we have no snow on the ground the cold have a tendency to keep creeping onto me… Today have been a calm but cold day […]

It feels abit weird that it has been 2 weeks of January soon, but i am happy that this has gone pretty ok so far. Tho this year really will probably be one of the years that will lead to some hard decisions. But today have been a good day, tho my nose have been […]

Today i woke up late, got ready and went out for groceries and some small errands. It was abit cold and windy outside but it was not to bad. The wind was not really blowing except the trees were moving just abit. It was later on the day it started blowing really hard and it […]

Yes today marked the day for the start of the last 3 days at internship for this semester and the next internship is next spring. So almost 2.5 semesters away… But i also know that when i reach that semester is the last stretch,cause it will be the last semester until i graduate from uni. […]

I know its the fall season and all but it should not be this cold now as it is! I woke up to 0.6 degrees and i was freezing from inside out litterly! I went up sat next to the heater and still was freezing my feet and hands of, it was so freaking cold! […]

So today i went out at 6:45am to make my way to the trainstation, the temperature outside was -14.5 degrees celsius… So it was cold! After i reach my destination, i get picked up by my classmate and off we go. We drive around abit in the city to warm the car up, by now […]