So today was actually a really nice day! Sun was shining, blue sky above, abit cold tho but still manageble! But this past week i have had trouble sleeping cause it is so warm inside… also i lost abit of my hearing on my right ear so thats quite annoying… The doctors did say to […]

So today was sunny, abit cold but it was a really nice day! Was outside all day from 9am until almost 3pm nonstop, enjoying the awesome weather and sucking up some vitamine D from the Sun! Other then that nothing! //Dan

Today i woke up 6am… could not go back to sleep at all so i was drained all day… Today i did try sketching and doodling abit but i could not get creative in anyway! I got annoyed with myself cause i wanna get better at sketching, but i think ima start with something simple… […]

Today i had work, but that was not the best part of today! The best part of today was the fact that the sky was blue, not a single cloud and a really sunny day all day! Even tho it is February and the sun actually was radiating abit of heat, today was a really […]