Wednesday finished updating the website layout and look!

So another short post but just wanted to provide information on what I changed! The old theme I was using had some issues that my friends pointed out and even tho the issues werent supposed to be there and should have been gone they were still around… So I decided to switch the base theme…… Continue reading Wednesday finished updating the website layout and look!

Tuesday something was wrong.

So since i woke up this morning i felt like something was wrong. The feeling kept on growing through out the day and at 5pm i was so drained that i could have gone to sleep right there and then.. I dont know why i feel this way today but hopefully tomorrow will be better.…… Continue reading Tuesday something was wrong.

Thursday sunshine and so tired…

Today i woke up 6am… could not go back to sleep at all so i was drained all day… Today i did try sketching and doodling abit but i could not get creative in anyway! I got annoyed with myself cause i wanna get better at sketching, but i think ima start with something simple……… Continue reading Thursday sunshine and so tired…

Tuesday it was a beautiful day!

Today was another work day and the weather was perfect! Sunshine and a trip to the forest was a really nice start to the day. The rest of the day contained removing some invasive fungus that was taking over a tree stump. Tomorrow is Wednesday and lecture day with biology, physics,chemistry and technology aswell as…… Continue reading Tuesday it was a beautiful day!

Thursday working abit on the website and more!

Today i have taking things slow! Yesterday i tweeted out and also asked on discord about i need feedback and suggestions on how to improve this website! I got someone who gave me good ideas and points of improvement so that was good! Now the problem was “how” would i be able to fix the…… Continue reading Thursday working abit on the website and more!

Tuesday with changes and coughs..

So yea its Tuesday again! I was supposed to work today but after sleeping 3 hours and coughing constantly i decided to call in sick. So what have i done instead? Resting alot, started watching I Zombie on Netflix, updated the background art on website. But i also managed to have enough energy to try…… Continue reading Tuesday with changes and coughs..