Monday back at work!

So yes its back to work today and i am really enjoying the feeling of being back, the internship gave me alot of things to reflect upon and what can be applicable for my workplace. But yes i feel really happy that i am back and with a new kind of energy, the question is…… Continue reading Monday back at work!

Wednesday lecture discussion!

So today started at 9am with lecture about how to introduce kids to the preschool enviorment! After a small introduction we went into smaller groups to discuss our earlier experiences with how we done it. After this was done me and my study group started working on the presentation material we are gonna present later…… Continue reading Wednesday lecture discussion!

Tuesday study and being abit creative…

So today i was abit all over the place, couldnt really focus to long due to the start of the day.. But managed to go through this weeks lecture material atleast, and check some more thing.. for tomorrow wich is gonna be a discussion seminar. I also got back into creativity and made some sketches…… Continue reading Tuesday study and being abit creative…

Saturday studying and picked up a new thing to work on!

Yes today was a pretty good day, been reading abit for next weeks exam, aswell as experimenting with a new program! So next week is an “exam” in arts and crafts not a big one but a discussion exam about a book! So been preparing abit for that! I also decided that i am gonna…… Continue reading Saturday studying and picked up a new thing to work on!

Sunday the day just went by..

I spent the day making lunch and watched random youtube videos about skyrim. Some of them made me laugh so hard, there is something about a guy looking really funny shooting an Arrow that makes your enemies fly all across skyrim… Yepp not much else happend except i did a stream wich was fun, made…… Continue reading Sunday the day just went by..