So yes its back to work today and i am really enjoying the feeling of being back, the internship gave me alot of things to reflect upon and what can be applicable for my workplace. But yes i feel really happy that i am back and with a new kind of energy, the question is […]

So today started at 9am with lecture about how to introduce kids to the preschool enviorment! After a small introduction we went into smaller groups to discuss our earlier experiences with how we done it. After this was done me and my study group started working on the presentation material we are gonna present later […]

So today i was abit all over the place, couldnt really focus to long due to the start of the day.. But managed to go through this weeks lecture material atleast, and check some more thing.. for tomorrow wich is gonna be a discussion seminar. I also got back into creativity and made some sketches […]

Yes first i wanna say that i know my blogging has been abit sporadic with more double posts the past weeks. Just to much in my head that i sometimes just crash asleep at evenings… But i will try get back into my groove after this exam. Now lets jump into todays post! Today have […]

Today was Sunday and i am gonna be franc, i had no motivation to really study today BUT i needed to do it. So i spent quite a few hours reading and writing up important notes that will be used for an exam i have in 2 days. But it went fine and tomorrow is […]

Today started with work and it was a good day, we went out after 9am and it was cold but pretty refreshing BUT as soon as the wind picked up it was darn cold… Yea Summer is gone and the fall has finally entered… BUT they said on the forecast that this weekend it might […]

I spent the day making lunch and watched random youtube videos about skyrim. Some of them made me laugh so hard, there is something about a guy looking really funny shooting an Arrow that makes your enemies fly all across skyrim… Yepp not much else happend except i did a stream wich was fun, made […]

Yepp today havent really contained alot, all i done today is finishing up the exam prep for next weeks exam, made food and watched some IT Crowd on Netflix. This has been my day, cause i spent a few hours doing the exam prep, did spend an hour or two making the food… and then […]

So today i been working hard on the preperation of the group exam we have on the 16th of January, will finish it tomorrow morning! I also done an update to the Anime, My games and Movies page. Next week i will be finishing the movie page properly, then start working on the game page […]